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Now, you can connect your payment system to
PayPal or PaySbuy!
Just click and register your e-payment account of PayPal or PaySbuy through our "Credit Card Registry" system with free of charge.

Good news for whom that want to have a "Travel Portal Site" !!

Now, you can get one at the new web site of eComBot : www.ecombottravel.com with free of charge. There are two travel services available at this moment : Accommodation and Tour Services which you can choose only one or both of them and create your B2C (Business-to-Consumer) travel web site or B2B (Business-to-Business) travel portal site. Let's create one you like.



Escrow Service is served by www.escrow.com which adds trust to the transaction. Any purchase that depends on "good faith," like these on the Internet, automatically raises a red flag of distrust. So, Escrow.com acts as an intermediary to alleviate these concerns by securing payment for an online purchase until the Buyer either accepts the merchandise or returns it to the Seller.

If you would like to use the Escrow Service, please use the e-x-commerce cart and follow the following steps.


Agreement: Either the Buyer or Seller begins by specifying terms and providing information about the merchandise. If they agree on these, the transaction can proceed.


Payment: The Buyer submits payment to Escrow.com's escrow subsidiary, Internet Escrow Services* (IES), where it's verified. IES then deposits it in a trust account.


Fulfillment: Escrow.com notifies the Seller that the Buyer's payment is securely held in escrow. The Seller then delivers the merchandise to the Buyer.


Settlement: The Buyer decides to accept or reject his purchase within the agreed upon timeframe. If the Buyer accepts it, IES releases payment to the Seller.

Learn about the escrow process in detail, please click here.

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