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e-Store   Creation   Service
There are 2 ways to "Create Your e-Store" instantly :
I   Online Registration/Sign-up !! Go!
II   Unlocking an e-Store with Secret Codes Go!

(which are available in eComBot™ Kit (sell by our dealers) and/or our sales promotion activities.)

Edit   Your   e-Store   Service

This is the service for merchants which already have their e-Store to edit/add their company, product and transaction information. Also, they can make a sales report here!! If you are one of our registered merchants, Go! ahead to edit your e-Store.

Membership (Monthly Rental) Renewal Service

In case you are one of eComBot™ kit buyers, you need to renew your membership before its expiration shown in the kit package. If your e-Store is automatically closed due to expiration of your membership, you can use this sevice here to renew and re-open your e-Store. Let's Go!

More   Products   Adding   Service

If the standard packages of 20 or 50 products is not enough to serve your e-Store, you can add more products with lots of 25 products here!! Go!

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