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Please fill in your assigned "Secret Codes" in the boxes below. After you click the button "unlock" our e-commerce robot will ask you to make a registration. Then you can start to create your own e-Store.

Please unlock here.
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Remarks :

If you do not have a set of "Secret Codes", please click the "Online Sign-up Form" to register.


Rental time starts from the date you register till the end of the specified duration shown in the eComBot™ kit package. At time of membership renewal you will be charged at the standard price of the package you are currently using on a monthly basis :
         I. 50 products e-Store package costs USD 20.-/month
         II. 90 products e-Store package costs USD 30.-/month
         III. 150 products e-Store package costs USD 40.-/month
         IV. 250 products e-Store package costs USD 50.-/month
         V. 500 products e-Store package costs USD 80.-/month
Our e-commerce robot will automatically close/lock an e-Store that expires and is not yet renewed.


The Secret Codes above are one-time codes and can be used only once to set up an e-Store. Therefore, after the codes are unocked, please do not click the 'Back' button on your browser because your e-Store will be completely eliminated and cannot be recreated. Don't worry if you fill in wrong information when registering, you can always edit it later via web-based control panel.

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